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Does Obama celebrate Christmas?

Of course, he celebrates Christmas, since he and his wife are Christians. They also have two daughters who enjoy the holiday and they do exchange gifts. The president comes from an ecumenical family; some of his relatives are Christian, some are Muslim, and Michelle has a cousin who is Jewish (and a rabbi). Celebrating holidays is important to them; as president, he also invites members of other faiths to the White House to share their holidays. There has been a Hanukkah celebration at the White House and also a Muslim observance of the end of Ramadan; this is something that other presidents have also done.

Like other presidents (including George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan), President Obama does not actively attend a church, but the reason is his concern for all of the security and how it might disrupt the worship service. Unfortunately, some people have interpreted that as "proof" that he is not Christian, but that is a myth. The president and his wife have said in interviews that they do pray, and they do read the Bible; and they have a Christmas tree. They have also said that they are careful to teach their children that Christmas is more than just getting gifts, so they are careful about how elaborate their celebration is.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_Obama_celebrate_Christmas#ixzz1gqbrjjSx

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